Thursday, October 22, 2009



It's the Little Things...

(3 of 3)

(2 of 3)

(1 of 3)

No comment. Just be happy you weren't there for the actual shoot.


Here's to you, Mommy

Somebody cue Nick Cave's Carny. I know I did.

Negative space, so posh

4AM: Ambush

If you haven't fallen in love with the little lady, you haven't got a soul.

When You're Uglier in Person

The Paper Box Building and the revolving door of Aparment 301.

Venus in Furs

Or vegan in furs... whichever you prefer (I personally prefer the latter... now if only Lou Reed did, too.)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And Your Enemies Closer

Pretty much Superwoman in the flesh.

Marriage is Gross... and so are Babies

My best friend's wedding. Tombstones never looked so stunning.

Thanks for the Lick

At least someone's collecting honey...

Someone Find This Kid a Hair Straightener

The travesties of rain and adolescence.


I used to make boys dress-up like sea captains. They're yet to return.

Songs for Children

Jinhan Ko. Last day of Light Bar.

Black Magic Woman


The Teahouse Girls and the end of an era.

Wires Wrapped Around the World


Once Upon a Time

Diamond <3

Darling bar in Gastown. Recommendation: Colin's Lawn.

In a Dangerous Time

Still in the honeymoon phase...

Hearts and Lovers

NYC Babes.

Valley of the Dolls

If you're looking for sanity, you're at the wrong table.

Glitter and Doom

Three men have never been so awkward.

Help, I'm Still Alive (Part 2 of 2)

Help, I'm Still Alive (Part 1 of 2)


Third only to Iggy Pop and Tom Waits.

Clinique Happy Campaign

Uhh... money advance, please.

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Also available in HD.